So the Presence_Monitor Occupancy_Monitor modules:

Do some of the code work.  I do find them rather complicated and don't use them, but apparently you can get them to work for you.

On the hardware side I have thought about a lot of things.

Bluetooth - seems to make sense since most people in the house carry their phone with them everywhere.  I figure I would need a couple receivers, in theory at least 4 to triangulate where people are based on the signal strengths at each of the receivers.  But due to the oddities of wireless and walls, I figure I might need more.  Obviously this gets expensive, so I was thinking about raspberry pi's, but that is still rather expensive.  I also worry about battery drain on the phone.

Microphones - Wink/Quirky has a presence detection device that uses, among other things, a microphone to calculate a loudness over time.  It seems cheaper, less complicated, and less battery intensive.  Although I suspect it is far less accurate.

Thermal - Cost and programming aside, this seems like the best solution.  It would actually "see" people in a room.  But we are talking something like $50 just for a thermal sensor. Although it does look cool


On Fri, Jul 25, 2014 at 10:11 AM, Timothy Spaulding <> wrote:

Hi All,


Does anyone do anything with regards to knowing what person is at home and handling different lights/objects accordingly?


Oh, did I mentioned reliably?


A while back, I attempted something with Bluetooth; but this didn’t work once the phone went upstairs and/or out of range in some other fashion.


I like the idea of RFID chip in a wallet/bag, but haven’t found anything I can wrap my head around yet. 


Other ideas and approaches would be most welcome.

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