Mike, I am sitting in an airport, with little ability to help at the moment.

But in order for anyone to provide assistance, we need more information than "it doesn't work"

Try and tackle one problem at a time.

Does MH startup?

Do you get any error messages?

Have you made MH.private.INI file yet? What is the contents of that?

Have you made any mht files yet? What do they look like?

Lots of people on the list use x10.

On Feb 6, 2014 4:51 PM, "Mike McElmurray" <tractormack61@gmail.com> wrote:
I know this is going to sound like I am really mad but I am just frustrated.  I have read all the items I can find on how to get MisterHouse to work but I am not having any luck.  it keeps crashing.  My biggest problem is I can't get the X10 part to work and I have tried a CM11 and CM17.  Both of these will work with other X10 programs.  I have tested my com port and it is working.  I am running Ubuntu.  I have other problems as well.

I would like to use MisterHouse with out having to re-write code.  Is there anything on the web that can help.  All the mailing list items I find about my problem are very unclear and go back several years.  I don't have the money to upgrade to insteon at this time.

If I need to try a different way of asking questions please let me know.

Someone please help!


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