On Mon, Aug 26, 2013 at 1:37 PM, jared <Jared.Fernandez@gmail.com> wrote:
@Kevin, one last question if you don't mind:  do you use the
password_allow_clients/password_allow_file parameters in your system or have
you devised your own scheme?

After setting the password_allow_clients parameter to allow the Apache front
end access, on my system all connections are given the "Family" authority by
default.  Do you know if there is there any way to change this to "Admin" by
default or do you only use the "Family" user on your setup?

I don't use the password files at all, which results in anyone having access to MH having full admin authority.  The security and authorization within MH are not something I have played with yet, so this setup was the easiest solution.