You are probably right, at least initially a separate voice command is probably best.  

I am not advocating that this would enable us to get rid of scans completely.  Any manual change would require a complete rescan of that device.  

However, any add/update/delete of the links on the device by MH would only require a scan of the specific memory location that was changed.  You could in theory assume that the add/update/delete commands were received properly, but as you said, that is probably a dangerous assumption to make.

Absent changes in the link table, I don't think MH needs to audit the records at all.


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I just stumbled across this.

Insteon Command 0x19 "Status Request"
Returned ACK message will contain the On-Level in Command 2.

Command 1 will contain an ALL-Link Database Delta number that increments every time there is a change in the addressee’s ALL-Link Database.


If command 1 is accurate, then as long as the increment number matches the last full scan conducted by MH, we know that the database on the device still matches what is in MH.  In that case, we would not need to scan the device.  MH just ignores this number right now.


"Scan all device links" could be changed to, "scan all device links that have changed."  This would be faster and would risk less possible errors.


I think that is fine if you are only interested in picking up links that were created by manually linking devices; however I think the link scan is also used to “clean up” the MH version of the device aldb.  Given how fragile the logic seems, I suspect that the MH version of the device aldb needs to be at least audited periodically.  I don’t think it is a good idea to do away with the current voice commands that do a full scan.  Some new commands might be a good idea.  You could use the same code subs by introducing a flag that would support both modes.