Andy, sorry your message was buried in my inbox.

It looks like you are running the "stable" branch of MH.  The bug that you found has since been patched in the development branch.  We should be updating the stable branch in the next few days and that will fix the issue.

In the interim, just don't push that set button on the appliance link :-p.


On Fri, Mar 21, 2014 at 9:23 AM, andy <> wrote:

I am brand new to the misterhouse software. I have got it up and running on
a pi with a 2413U PLM and have got a couple of insteon and X10 devices
registered. I am going to have many problems and questions going forwards
but here is my first issue;

1) When I manually press the set button on an appliance link it reboots the
misterhouse process. I am just giving it a short push to toggle the relay
inside the appliance link. I can control the appliance link with no problem
from misterhouse. The mht entry is

INSTEON_APPLIANCELINC, 1f.48.54, lounge_lamp_2, All_Lights

The log screen shows this when it crashes.




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