On Mon, Aug 26, 2013 at 9:54 AM, jared <Jared.Fernandez@gmail.com> wrote:
Okay, so I'm assuming that your home devices also web in via the Internet
then and you generally do not use the local port?

Not sure what the home devices would be or what web in means.  But currently all of my sensors contribute data through Insteon.  I plan to add an XPL device at some point, in that case I would have to add another firewall exception for the XPL gateway.  

I really only have one fixed user interface at home and that is an old tablet.  I just saved the username and password on that tablet.

In my current setup, being hacked would just be annoying, but not life or property threatening.  But at some point I do plan on adding controls for the large garage doors as well as an electronic lock for entry door in the garage.   At that point, I will have to do a closer inspection of my security.