Those are objects and not variables.  So you should interact with them in the same way as you would any other Generic_Item.

In short, try:

print_log "target temp: ". $target_temp->state;
print_log "mode: " . $hvacMode->state;

You can also do things like add those objects to groups $group->add($target_temp), or tie events to occur when the state of those objects change $target_temp->tie_event(sub {print_log("hi");});

On Tue, Aug 12, 2014 at 4:02 PM, Joel Davidson <> wrote:
I've got my nest code mostly set up, but I'm having trouble reading
the current state of the thermostat.  As per the examples in
I've got thermostat set up correctly, as when I set debug=Nest:3
I can see the current state of the thermostat dumped in my log file.

I've got this in my code:
$targetTemp     = new Nest_Thermo_Target($nest_thermo);         #noloop
$targetTempHigh = new Nest_Thermo_Target_High($nest_thermo);    #noloop
$targetTempLow  = new Nest_Thermo_Target_Low($nest_thermo);     #noloop
$hvacMode       = new Nest_Thermo_Mode($nest_thermo);           #noloop
$fanState       = new Nest_Thermo_Fan($nest_thermo);            #noloop

but when I try to print the current values with
print_log "target temp: $target_temp";
print_log "mode: $hvacMode";

I'm seeing:
target temp: Nest_Thermo_Target=HASH(0x49e0988)
mode : Nest_Thermo_Mode=HASH(0x49e1318)

I'm sure this is a simple oversight on my part, but I'm stumped at
the moment.  Any suggestions?  Thanks.

Joel Davidson
Austin, TX

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