Thanks for sharing that.  I would have loved to have that information earlier in the year. 

I ended up talking with the founder and engineer of AlertMe/IRIS,  Kevin Meagher,  and discussed the closed nature of the product.  He claimed back in Jan they werent in it for just the monthly fee and a local Open API was something that they were considering and were positive about being done soon.    I kinda believed that for a while.

Obviously that never happened and personally not interested in that product anymore because of it.  To bad as I thought they would have something good here for all of us to build upon and have commodity equipment.  Now, I am wondering when the end-cap inventory simply disappears.

Im looking forward to getting my hands on the beta versions of the Ube WiFi devices (Hopefully this coming month) and put an end to this madness of proprietary and awkward protocols for HA.

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Interesting discussion. I started a thread a while back you may be interested

And also just stumbled on this:

Has anyone else made any progress?

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