And to be clear: proposing the git wiki was just a suggestion. I'll follow whatever solution is selected. I just find myself editing the git wiki more easily compared to the wikispaces pages.

After following all the threads about this documentation and the project in general it seems that everyone wants to have one place for everything but nobody is taking on the task of doing it.

I am a newbie to Git but have caught on pretty well... Seems to me that Git is the correct choice to use as it makes it easy for everyone to submit updates and additions. Of course this is just my opinion but the project really needs one place to go and not have links all over the place leading a new user in different directions which in many cases is wrong!

Would it be possible to get to forward to Git? Is there anyone who is willing to be the project leader? I for one would be glad to help with consolidating all docs, etc to one location so that we as a group can have a place where anyone can find the project and all the details which would be accurate and up to date.

Also it seems that most of the development/docs are geared toward Linux which is fine but a Windows centric page and how to would be really good to have as well as a latest compiled version for Windows. 

So that all being said I would be willing to move all the current docs to Git and then we can slowly update them there. Of course since I am new to MH I don't really know what is outdated or not so I would need help in editing.

Lastly there seems like much back and forth about where the project should live but nobody is actually doing something about it. Should a vote be setup to see where it lives? I personally don't think leaving docs in one place, downloads in another would be any good. A nice landing page on the domain that points to either Git or SVN would be the desired way to go in my opinion.

Sorry if I am being to brash for a newcomer but I see the potential in MH and hate to see it just flounder like it is currently...