On Sun, Dec 18, 2011 at 11:17 PM, Greg Moeller <hauto@gawd.mb.ca> wrote:
Ok, I've finally eliminated the last of my old X10 switches and now have
just insteon through the house.

I threw  a couple of In-LineLincs inside a light fixture in the kitchen
and want to 'locally' control them using a KeypadLinc.
I've been able to do the switch/paddle linking for my other switches but
didn't think/realize the method before locking the two In-LineLincs deep
with the light fixture.

Is there a way to link the switch to the light module without tearing
apart the light fixture again? (please?  :)

I believe there is as long as you know the  Insteon addresses of the In-LineLincs. If you don't know that then I don't know how to get it other than by reading the labels on the modules.

If you do know the addresses, add the modules to your .mht along with scenes to control them with the  KeypadLinc. (These are Insteon scenes, not misterhouse scenes.) Then using the web interface to Misterhouse, first, scan the link tables of all three modules, then second, sync links with them.

Does that make sense or do you need more detail?