Hi Seann,

Very cool. If you need help please report through the list.

OT: I was wondering: are you already monitoring inside air quality and if you do: what sensor are you using?

Also you state that you target real-time control of Insteon objects. What would it require to make it apply to other objects too? What is currently missing from the web interface for Insteon?


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On 7/24/2013 11:47 PM, Lieven Hollevoet wrote:

Hmm, autocorrect was not correcting this time...

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>  The way it is implemented Ruhr now would for experienced users but is IMHO a bit overwhelming for newcomers.

The way it is implemented right now is OK for experienced users but is IMHO a bit overwhelming for newcomers.


So the general response is this is desired, which is good.

I have some code, in Ajax/Jquery that mimics the current interface.

What I have seen as desired is, in order of priority, and order of desired items:

1.) Updated interface that is more real time (When I update, say an insteon device, it shows the state change, without additional user interaction)
2.) Dynamic scaling based on user complexity (a small and/or novice installation should have a UI relevant to them, and be dynamically scalable)
3.) Be user friendly for non-computer science majors (or other technology guru's)

The natural aspects for me (I maintain professional a niche technology so code documentation is not only second nature but sanity preserving)  are documentation of what I do, and strict adherence
 to the coding standards of the project.)

I will get to work on fleshing out what I have in mind with the requests from the MH list.

My personal focuses are to create a dynamic and more real time interface that allows me to control the following aspects:
1.) Insteon real time control (I always feel silly and annoyed clicking multiple times to get the state I really know my gear is at)
2.) Omnistat real time control and monitoring (Should be simple based on the excellent work other users have produced for this)
3.) X10 control (can't be real time without additional sensors, so basic control built off of current setup)
4.) Real time reporting from home sensors (One Wire, Air Quality, etc)
5.) Eventual GUI based addition of additional code, sensors, etc (this can most likely be extended into a GUI basic install wizard, etc)

I honestly think it would be neat to have a MH platform that you can browse to a site, configure your setup and get running. In a way that seems 'lazy' to me, but I do know more than enough people who, even though tech people, prefer a GUI to get moving quickly before customization.

I also would want the CLI users to have the same end results at the GUI.

The biggest thing I am looking for is a non-invasive installation, basically the GUI front end/client side (web browser) and the back end (JSON encoded, extended, but separate from the core build)  in order to allow folk who don't need/want to upgrade everything, to have the new UI.

I will also do my own best to ensure the style is both: Flexible so others to can themes and modern, without being cumbersome and tacky.