To make the interface less confusing to new users or less technically inclined people it would be nice if it looked less complex. E.g. when you want to automate only a few devices the main page should only need to contain a few sub pages, one for controlling the devices and one for settings. Right now the main web page contains links to lots of pages that only work after some extended configuration (mail, security cams, agenda, phone calls, comics) and this can be confusing.
Those links should only appear when the related code is configured in Misterhouse.

A second thing that would be helpful for new users are specific setting pages for frequently used features. E.g. a setting page for configuring access to a mail account, or to a Google calendar account or an instant messaging server, or for configuration of a TTS engine. The way it is implemented Ruhr now would for experienced users but is IMHO a bit overwhelming for newcomers.

I think that updating the web interface is key to making MisterHouse more appealing to new users.


Op 25 jul. 2013 03:56 schreef "Seann" <nombrandue@tsukinokage.net> het volgende:

With all the recent activity on the list on updating Misterhouse, it got
me thinking and working on a new UI for web access on my installation of
I see a lot of development for client side applications (Android and
Iphone), but nothing on the web UI, outside of examples.
Since I am going through this exercise on a complete overhaul on the UI
to be more dynamic and flexible (Jquery, HTML5 elements, etc) for my own
user case (and W.A.F.) I am interested in releasing it when it is
finished, if there is interest.
That being said, I would also like to see if anyone on the list has
anything that they would like to see in the Web UI, so I can try to work
that into my build.


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