Hi John,

Thanks, I will try it out this weekend.


Op 28 nov. 2012 14:35 schreef "John" <john@tonebridge.com> het volgende:
On 11/28/12 02:45, Lieven Hollevoet wrote:
> Hi John,
> Op 28-nov.-2012, om 02:26 heeft John <john@tonebridge.com> het volgende geschreven:
>> I created a pull request to update the docs (in .pm).
> Merged!

Thanks!  My first "code" contribution to an open source project!  :)

>> I can now move on to other aspects of getting heartbeat working…
> I'm interested in the results.

Actually, for me it looks like it all works as it should (initial results).

The xPL generating device is of my own creation and I am doing only
subset of heartbeat protocal (just sending hbeat.app message at regular
intervals.  I might look at adding two way validation.

Also, in a seperate message your commented out code look like this:

&report_xpl_offline($object_name), 1);

You will want to try something like this:

$object->manage_heartbeat_timeout($xpl_timeout, sub {
&report_xpl_offline($object_name) }, -1);

There may be other ways of passing that arg in a code reference or maybe
there is mh bug which stops what you had from working.  However, the
above worked for me.

I haven't reviewed all the details of the thread Marc provided to see if
there are other issues.


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