Hi there,

I'm trying to get my 1-wire devices working with XPL after giving up a while ago. I got them working with owfs i.e. Owfs_DS18S20() but not with XPL which I gather is the suggested way of doing it.

I have mr setup thus:
ipaddress_xpl_broadcast =
ipaddress_xpl =
xpl_nohub = 1

I have some table items matching my sensors.
XPL_SENSOR, bnz-ownet.*:10.B5ED38010800, air_temp, , temp
XPL_SENSOR, bnz-ownet.*:10.438939010800, freezer_temp, , temp

I have xpl-hub running and xpl-logger logging events such as [xpl-stat/hbeat.app: mhouse-mh.misterhouse -> * 5/0/] [xpl-stat/hbeat.app: bnz-ownet.claudia -> * 5/59241/] [xpl-stat/hbeat.app: bnz-listener.claudia -> * 5/42363/] [xpl-trig/sensor.basic: bnz-ownet.claudia -> * 10.438939010800/temp/-19.3125] [xpl-stat/sensor.basic: bnz-ownet.claudia -> * 10.B5ED38010800/temp/11.4375]

So it appears that both mr and 1-wire are sending updates over XPL OK. But I get nothing when I try to read the state $freezer_temp->state().
print_log "Freezer temperature is %1.1f C\n", $freezer_temp->state() gives me
Freezer temperature is 0.0 C

Also I have debug=xpl but see nothing in the log.

One thing I had to change from the other documentation is that the xpl-owfs perl script has changed to xpl-ownet and the XPL source has changed accordingly.

Any ideas what is wrong?