Ya I have been playing with getting data to and from the screens and its not hard to convert any object including the config object to json for use as settings.
Just add the lines to your config and they can be used by the screens.

 I am more focused currently on a dashboard rather than control so pushing data as it happens is what I am interested in playing with currently. Now when MH restarts all my screens show a warning alert. Soon I hope to be able to show background color change or something to indicate high winds rain etc as it happens in realtime.

I have an archos 101 with a cortex a8 cpu running stock firmware 2.4.83 and android 2.2.1 This is for around the house use.

I then have my front door touch screen I posted a link with photos about early on in this thread.  This I built from parts and fabricated in my shop.

Its a 10" touchscreen sheet on top of a 10" lvd panel SHARP LQ10D321 with a 4 wire usb touchscreen controller connected to a PCI-6881. The display has a native 800x600 at 262,144 colors by supplying 18 bit data signal (6bit/color) and the PCI-6881 has an onboard LVD controller and bios support for this display and its resolution. The PCI-6881 has a SD card slot and currently I have a 16g disk as I recall in it. I am running xubuntu 12.04 as of yesterday when I updated it from kubuntu 11x

My next build will be one for upstairs house interface where I am currently looking at a lvds cape for my BBB with a new display, backlight, touchscreen and controller again built into a wall cavity where I plumb the houses Ethernet and DC power.

CPU specs

Display specs

 Sean Mathews

On Sun, Jan 12, 2014 at 4:31 PM, Dan Bemowski <dbemowsk@phpwebscripting.com> wrote:
See comments below...

On Sun, 2014-01-12 at 15:41 -0800, Sean Mathews wrote:
> I merged your changes last night and it all tests out fine. I also
> updated my fork of MH to fix a bug in WebSocket.pm before doing my
> tests.
> I started with our raspberry pi image with ser2sock and ad2 api.
> I had to extend the swap size as my Pi is the 256k version and cpan
> was exhausting all the resources.
>       sudo vi /etc/dphys-swapfile # adjust sizes
>       sudo dphys-swapfile setup
>       sudo dphys-swapfile swapon
> I added some necessary perl bits.
>       cpan[1]> install Test
>       cpan[1]> install Future
>       cpan[1]> install IO::Async
>       cpan[1]> install Protocol::WebSocket
>       cpan[1]> install Net::Async::WebSocket
>       cpan[1]> install XML::Simple
> I checked out everything from my fork and changed to the websocket
> branch then checked out your touchscreen and configured my ini to load
> websockets and weather settings.
>  I also rebuilt my wall pc to a newer version of Linux. I am now using
> xubuntu 12.04 LTS and this seems to have fixed my buggy websocket
> issue.
>  I did end up changing the image size from 200x200 to 180x180 to fit
> better. I expect this would be easy to define as a setting to let
> people "zoom" as needed for the device they use and the number of
> custom icons they may end up adding.

Just out of curiosity, what kind of tablet are you using this on?

I was looking around today at the MH json stuff and found that I can
access the config_params:
We could possibly make this a configurable parameter since I now know
how to read them.  Another thought I had was to try to use some css3
"calc" stuff to possibly try to auto size to the screen that it is
displaying on, but that might get a bit tricky with the fluid layout
that I have right now.
>  I have a weather station on the roof and broadcast my weather to the
> weatherunderground.com. I guess I will have to multiplex the data to
> MH as I don't see any support for reading data from the
> weatherunderground via its API at this time.
> I also have an 1 wire indoor temperature that is broadcast over xAP
> from an atmel based uP board I will connect up next.
> I am seeing outside temp on the touchscreen but nothing else and this
> "unknown" below is likely the cause but I was not sure if you had a
> current conditions icon added yet.

Looking at what you have below in your weather hash, I see "TempOutdoor"
but do not see "TempIndoor".  If you can set it somewhere in your code
to populate the "TempIndoor" property with your 1-wire data it should
work for showing both temps.  This is the line that I use in my user
code to populate it with my thermostat temp:

$Weather{TempIndoor} = $thermostat->get_temp();

As far as the current conditions icons, I do have them there.  The way I
have this set up is to check two properties, the "Conditions" property
and the "Clouds" property.  The "Conditions" property will take
precedence over "Clouds".  I am using the internet_weather.pl to get
weather data from weather.gov.  When I first set it up, the "Conditions"
property was set to "light snow".  Later on though, the "Conditions" was
no longer populated, but "Clouds" was set to "cloudy".  That is why I
kind of used a combination of both.  If you can get one of your
properties set, you should be able to get something to show.  If you
look in "/touchscreen/images/weather" you will see the available images
that I have right now. I have it set up to replace spaces with
underscores on the conditions/clouds data and add ".png" to get the
image file name that it will use.  With that said, you may need to do
some adjustment to image names based on what you have your system
populating those properties with. If you have a list of the possible
property values that you would be using, I can make up some images to
suit them.  I am not even sure of where to find the possible property
values of the setup that I have, so I am sure I am going to make some
tweaks to the image set along the way.
> {
>    "Weather" : {
>       "IsRaining" : 0,
>       "Clouds" : "",
>       "Wind" : "S 4 mph",
>       "Summary" : "52.0deg;F 89 unknown  unknown",
>       "Barom" : "30.24",
>       "WindAvgDir" : 180,
>       "HumidOutdoorMeasured" : 1,
>       "WindDirection" : "South",
>       "HeatIndex" : "52.0",
>       "TempOutdoorApparent" : "52.0",
>       "DewOutdoor" : "32.0",
>       "WindChill" : "52.0",
>       "IsSnowing" : 0,
>       "TempOutdoor" : "52.0",
>       "WindAvgSpeed" : "3.5",
>       "Summary_Long" : "Temperature: 52.0deg;F  Humidity: 89  Wind: South at 4 mph  Sky:   Conditions: unknown",
>       "Humidex" : "52.0",
>       "HumidOutdoor" : "89",
>       "Summary_Short" : "52.0deg;F 89"
>    }
> }
> Regards
>  Sean Mathews

Dan B.