I merged your changes last night and it all tests out fine. I also updated my fork of MH to fix a bug in WebSocket.pm before doing my tests.

I started with our raspberry pi image with ser2sock and ad2 api.

I had to extend the swap size as my Pi is the 256k version and cpan was exhausting all the resources.

      sudo vi /etc/dphys-swapfile # adjust sizes
      sudo dphys-swapfile setup
      sudo dphys-swapfile swapon

I added some necessary perl bits.

      cpan[1]> install Test
      cpan[1]> install Future
      cpan[1]> install IO::Async
      cpan[1]> install Protocol::WebSocket
      cpan[1]> install Net::Async::WebSocket
      cpan[1]> install XML::Simple

I checked out everything from my fork and changed to the websocket branch then checked out your touchscreen and configured my ini to load websockets and weather settings.

 I also rebuilt my wall pc to a newer version of Linux. I am now using xubuntu 12.04 LTS and this seems to have fixed my buggy websocket issue.

 I did end up changing the image size from 200x200 to 180x180 to fit better. I expect this would be easy to define as a setting to let people "zoom" as needed for the device they use and the number of custom icons they may end up adding.

 I have a weather station on the roof and broadcast my weather to the weatherunderground.com. I guess I will have to multiplex the data to MH as I don't see any support for reading data from the weatherunderground via its API at this time.

I also have an 1 wire indoor temperature that is broadcast over xAP from an atmel based uP board I will connect up next.

I am seeing outside temp on the touchscreen but nothing else and this "unknown" below is likely the cause but I was not sure if you had a current conditions icon added yet.
   "Weather" : {
      "IsRaining" : 0,
      "Clouds" : "",
      "Wind" : "S 4 mph",
      "Summary" : "52.0deg;F 89 unknown  unknown",
      "Barom" : "30.24",
      "WindAvgDir" : 180,
      "HumidOutdoorMeasured" : 1,
      "WindDirection" : "South",
      "HeatIndex" : "52.0",
      "TempOutdoorApparent" : "52.0",
      "DewOutdoor" : "32.0",
      "WindChill" : "52.0",
      "IsSnowing" : 0,
      "TempOutdoor" : "52.0",
      "WindAvgSpeed" : "3.5",
      "Summary_Long" : "Temperature: 52.0deg;F  Humidity: 89  Wind: South at 4 mph  Sky:   Conditions: unknown",
      "Humidex" : "52.0",
      "HumidOutdoor" : "89",
      "Summary_Short" : "52.0deg;F 89"

 Sean Mathews

On Sat, Jan 11, 2014 at 6:49 PM, Dan Bemowski <dbemowsk@phpwebscripting.com> wrote:

Do you have any of the weather modules set up?  I am using
internet_weather.pl which pulls weather data from noaa.  Also, do you
have anything that updates your weather hash with the indoor temp?  The
weather hash is accessible from
http://your.mh.ip:8080/sub?json(weather) .  Replace "your.mh.ip" with
the IP or domain name of your MH server.  Type that address into your
web browser and see if anything is returned.  That is where it gets the
information to create the weather section of the page.  If you get
information back when you put in that address, can you post it here?  I
am curious what information your machine is giving you for weather.

I think one thing I am going to add is a check to see if the page is
getting any usable weather data back.  If not I can put a set of
instructions on screen informing the user of what is needed to get
information in that section of the page.

The new weather data images/icons are in the "images/weather" folder.
If you got the new sleep icon, I am pretty sure you have the weather

Keep me posted.


On Sat, 2014-01-11 at 19:25 -0600, Joel Davidson wrote:
> Dan-
> Thanks for the new icon, that looks great.  I just updated my
> touchscreen directory I'm not seeing any of the climate changes
> you mention.  Have you uploaded these changes to git?  Strange,
> because I'm seeing the new 'sleep' icon.
> Joel
> On Sat, 11 Jan 2014, it would appear that Dan Bemowski wrote:
> > I have made some more updates to the touchscreen interface.  The first
> > is that I got away from using a table for the main layout and went with
> > a more fluid layout using div tags.  In the testing on my tablet, it
> > seems to work well at least for the main screen switching between
> > portrait and landscape orientation of the tablet.  More input and
> > testing of this on other tablets would be helpful.
> >
> > Another thing I did was start some work on the climate page.  My
> > thoughts on that were to divide the page in half and use the left half
> > for the thermostat information and control, and the right half for
> > weather data.  I have added a bunch of weather icons under
> > "images/weather".  I have the weather side of things displaying the
> > outside and inside temps with a background image that is based on the
> > "Condition" from the weather data.  I also have the text color of the
> > displayed temp as a color from a color spectrum that reflects hot and
> > cold.  Colder temps show more in the blue spectrum where warmer temps
> > are in the red spectrum. temps in the 40 degree range are
> > white/yellow.
> >
> > I think it looks good with the weather graphic behind the text.  I posed
> > a question in the forum earlier about getting some weather summary text
> > to display.  I should have more on this in the next few days, but I
> > wanted to push up some of my changes for others to test.
> >
> > @Joel, I made the sleep icon that I was telling you about earlier, let
> > me know what you think.
> >
> > Happy touchscreening.....
> >
> > Dan Bemowski.
> >

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