I would very much like to see this happen. I have been running my AlarmDecoder keypad on an in wall touch screen I built for several years now http://www.f34r.com/projects/kitchen/wall_mount_ha_interface.html

 I use 2 of the tabs the most the keypad and the security camera tab but I also have an HTML5 tab that I have been looking for just exactly what you described to sit in.

 I would be glad to help I have lots of experience in js jquery and html5 and I have a working touchscreen my family uses everyday that would get good usability testing on. I am not very experienced in how MH's built in web server works but if it supports WebSockets or similar it would be easy to build a very responsive web interface with realtime updates of MH states. If it does not then that may be the first thing that is needed.

So question to the people who may know. Does the webserver built into MH support WebSockets or some form of async html5 compatible socket communications into MH's running environment something like what node.js can provide to web browsers.

On Sat, Jan 4, 2014 at 2:59 PM, dbemowsk <dbemowsk@phpwebscripting.com> wrote:
I have been thinking for some time now of possibly getting some cheap (under
$100) tablets to use as touchscreens around the house.  A friend from work
gave me an Asus Memo Pad that  his kids had and cracked the digitizer on.
Everything still works, so I am just using it as a test bed for toying with
this idea.

I had been trying to think of ways to set up the touchscreen's interface to
work with MH.  I have done a lot of looking on the net and one of the things
that I always come back to is a post I saw on youtube by a guy named Jon
Scott on a cuustom touch screen he made.  Some of you may know what I am
taking about. I really liked the custom software that he wrote for his
touchscreens which is outlined on   his webpage
<http://www.mysmarthomeblog.com/page--22.html>  .  His setup is done using a
small in-wall arm based linux touchscreen device, but in looking at the
video, I thought that a similar interface could be done in HTML with a
little help from javascript and could work fairly well on a cheap tablet.  I
have a start on the main screen in which I have all of the main icons
created and a basic look of the main part of the screen.  At this point I am
looking to see what people think so far.


I did somewhat mimic Jon's main screen design, and it is about as far as I
have gotten in the past 2 days.  I have not started linking to the json data
as of yet, but I think that is going to be one of the next steps.  Having
this free tablet to test things on should let me get the whole interface
done before having to buy any tablets for actually mounting on the wall.

Any comments, good or bad are appreciated.

Dan Bemowski.

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