On Thu, Apr 25, 2013 at 2:50 PM, Eloy Paris <peloy@chapus.net> wrote:
Here's a summary of what I did, in case anyone is interested:


INSTEON_KEYPADLINCRELAY, 22.91.ed:01, garage_light, All_Lights
INSTEON_KEYPADLINCRELAY, 22.91.ed:03, kpl_garage_scene_a, buttons

INSTEON_ICONTROLLER, 11, kpl_scene_a_light, All_Scenes
SCENE_MEMBER, kpl_garage_scene_a, kpl_scene_a_light, on

I'm curius why you chose INSTEON_KEYPADLINCRELAY for those buttons. I have been trying to implement something similiar to your setup, but I had my 8 button keypad configured as an INSTEON_KEYPADLINC. Or do you have button one set as a keypadlinc and the others as a relay (which sort of makes sense since button one is dimmable  and the others are just on/off LEDs?
Thank you for posting your code. The Insteon learning curve has been incredibly steep and the examples here have been invaluable.