I'm working on a project to try to utilize a Beaglebone (A small embedded Linux PC development board) to control various things remotely.

(If you're not familiar with Beaglebone, take a quick look here 
or here http://  )

What I want to use is the integrated Analog/Digital Converter to read various things (such as, various magnetic switches, light sensors, temperature sensors,etc.etc). Based on these values I want to report this up to MH.

I also want to provide momentary switching for garage door control and gate control.

This is remote and beyond Insteon reliable distance;but I have a fiber run - so its still viable with Ethernet.

That being said, has anyone tried doing this?

I haven't bought the Beaglebone yet; but really close to buying it and trying to write some python code to run on this; since its Linux :-)

Just thought I'd see if anyone has tried this.