I know this is going to sound like I am really mad but I am just frustrated.  I have read all the items I can find on how to get MisterHouse to work but I am not having any luck.  it keeps crashing.  My biggest problem is I can't get the X10 part to work and I have tried a CM11 and CM17.  Both of these will work with other X10 programs.  I have tested my com port and it is working.  I am running Ubuntu.  I have other problems as well.

I would like to use MisterHouse with out having to re-write code.  Is there anything on the web that can help.  All the mailing list items I find about my problem are very unclear and go back several years.  I don't have the money to upgrade to insteon at this time.

If I need to try a different way of asking questions please let me know.

Someone please help!