I think this is similar to a thread a few weeks back (Kevin, please correct me if I'm mistaken) that I raised around does it make sense to track scenes as entities. I'm looking at putting in a few three-way switches, and have had to use a combination of scene lines in my items.mht file, as well as usercode to keep the state of devices and scene in sync. This is important to me as I have a three way light in the garage, and the only way I know it's on from inside the house is the switchlinc led status.
The user code activates if a member changes state, and then that subroutine updates the state of all scene members. It's clunky, and there is a 1 second delay for all devices to sync. I trigger the garage light to go on when the door opens, so I open the garage door, the light goes on immediately, and the a second later the little switchlight relay clicks and updates its status.
There was some discussion about the best standardized way to approach this, and some good ideas were thrown around, but I don't think we landed on anything. As I'm looking at putting in two more 3 way switches, it would be great to have agreement in this area to save future reconfiguration. That said, what I have works, and I can continue to use it.

On Thu, Feb 6, 2014 at 9:04 AM, George Clark <geomh@fenachrone.com> wrote:
Hi all,

I've been trying to get a PLM scene running, and it's really close,
except for the scene state tracking.  Unfortunately the Wikispaces pages
are rather out of date on the new Insteon and scene definitions.    I'd
be glad to contribute some documentation to the wiki once it's working.
   Same goes for the I/O Linc and it's sensor definition.
I've got a "night_mode" scene which controls my porch lights and one
interior night light.  The basic linking and controls are working fine.
And misterhouse control of the scene works great as well:

# Scene for night mode
#                    PLM,    Name,        Categories
INSTEON_ICONTROLLER, A5,   night_mode,  All_Lights|Outside

#              name,                 device,          cont, resp,
on_lev, ramp_rate
SCENE_BUILD,  night_mode,           l_back_porch,       0,    1,    20%,
SCENE_BUILD,  night_mode,           l_kitchen_window,   0,    1,    20%,
SCENE_BUILD,  night_mode,           l_front_porch,      0,    1,    20%,
SCENE_BUILD,  night_mode,           l_back_hall_bH,     1,    1

On the device side, back hall button H toggles the three lights between
off and 20%.  And from misterhouse, setting night_mode ON or OFF
accomplishes the same thing.   So operationally, all is good.

However cosmetically,  if I press button H,  misterhouse does not track
the state of the scene.    The lights change state within misterhouse,
but not the scene.   So the scene shows off, even though bH is lit and
the lights are at 20%,  and mh shows them as "Dim".  Any suggestions on
how to get the button to update the status of the scene within misterhouse?


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