It looks like recently (within the last year since my last update, been busy :(   this code was added to bin/mh :
        $config_parms{pulse_server}    = "localhost"        unless $config_parms{pulse_server};        
        $config_parms{pulse_protocol}  = "tcp"              unless $config_parms{pulse_protocol};      
        $config_parms{pulse_port}      = "4713"             unless $config_parms{pulse_port};          
        # Set the Pulseaudio Environment variable                                                      
        $ENV{PULSE_SERVER}             = $config_parms{pulse_protocol}.":".$config_parms{pulse_server} \
.":" .$config_parms{pulse_port};                                                                       

This was causing errors like this in the mh output like the initial load click didn't play and some speak outputs didn't work (here I recreated with basic commands):
[mh@bedroom bin]$ play -q ../sounds/sound_click1.wav
[mh@bedroom bin]$ export PULSE_SERVER=tcp:localhost:4713
[mh@bedroom bin]$ play -q ../sounds/sound_click1.wav
ALSA lib pulse.c:229:(pulse_connect) PulseAudio: Unable to connect: Connection refused

play FAIL formats: can't open output file `default': snd_pcm_open error: Connection refused

The reason for this is Fedora 14 doesn't enable the tcp server in pulseaudio by default.  To fix this you need to edit /etc/pulse/ and uncomment this line :
#load-module module-native-protocol-tcp

Then run killall pulseaudio to restart it.

I couldn't find anything in the mailing list about this change does someone know what it was put there to accomplish?  Curious because it may be something useful for the multi-room stuff I do.