FIXED my issue ...

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I updated the device list at ... e_list.htm (it's now also split into several tabs across the bottom of the table). Not much more info than is already posted here though.

For the sake of summing everything up, here is what I have gathered about i2cs so far:

CS in the name refers to "checksum". All extended messages place a checksum byte in D14. How this is computed or checked... uncertain.

Wired i2cs devices must specifically be linked as a responder before they will accept commands. It is no longer possible to send direct commands to unlinked devices. (Uncertain whether this refers to all i2cs devices or only some.)

After an i2cs device sends a broadcast message, it will send a report of how many devices didn't respond with a cleanup message.

It is possible to set how many times cleanup direct messages are set after a group broadcast. Also, previously any other Insteon traffic would cancel these messages. It is now possible to turn on a message that forces a device to finish cleanup.

x10 is removed from some devices

The Get Insteon Engine Version command will return a value of 0xFF and a NAK if the i2cs device is not linked to the PLM. If it is linked, it will return a 0x02 which is the i2cs indicator.

i2cs devices mostly do not support Peek/Poke.

As with other aspects of the protocol, not every device supports every command.

So as you can see there the peek/poke method of access the link table are gone and the one that was getting in my way is wired devices no longer respond to dircect commands (on/off) from unlinked devices.  So to fix my issue so I can at least switch on/off the appliancelinc with MH I had to manually link the PLM to the appliancelinc by holding down the set button on the PLM for 10 secs.  Then I pressed the set button on the appliancelinc.  Now I can control it properly.

Do the people working on the insteon branch know about these changes coming ?