OK,  I did some debugging here to try and get to the bottom of what's wrong.  I found an issue with line 252 in Insteon_Link.pm:
if ($self->is_plm_controlled or !($self->is_root)) {
This is preventing the firing of the links stored for the object if the object in question is "root" (i.e. group ID 0x01).  That's why keypadlinks work and switchlincs don't.  I commented out this line (and the associated } ) and everything seemed to update just fine.

Looking through the subversion tree, it appears that this may have been something specifically put in during version 1306.  It seems that a checkin was made in version 1635, but then was backed out in 1636.  Clearly there must have been some reason why this was backed out.  I'm not familiar enough with the code to tell what's the correct behavior.


P.S.  Is this the right forum for reporting these programming bugs/issues?

On Tue, Sep 11, 2012 at 11:15 AM, Richard Zimmerman <rszimm@gmail.com> wrote:
Yeah,  If I switch on test_one (using the toggle), it shows as ON in the web page.  If I switch on test_two, then it also shows as ON in the web page.  What doesn't work is the OTHER one showing up as ON.

Here's a related, but even more odd problem:
I've got a KPL and a switchlinc.  I've button E to control the switchlinc, and correspondingly backlinked the switchlinc to turn on/off the KPL button.  Here's the mht:
IPLL, 16.1F.98:01, test_two, All_lights|Blah, PLM, # 2476D
IPLL, 0E.29.87:05, kpl1_button_e, All_lights|Blah, PLM, # KPL
SCENE_MEMBER, kpl1_button_e, test_two
SCENE_MEMBER, test_two, kpl1_button_e

What happens here is very strange.  The buttons work as planned (E turns on and off the switchlinc, and the switchlink turns on and off button E).  The strange part is what MH thinks the state is.  If I press button E, MH will know that E and the switchlinc are on.  However, if I turn on the switchlink with the paddle, it only thinks that the switchlinc is on, and not the button E.  Setting up the surrogate stuff doesn't seem to make a difference.  So it would seem that MH knows about some links, but not others.  Odd.....


On Tue, Sep 11, 2012 at 10:45 AM, George Farris <farrisg@gmsys.com> wrote:
On Tue, 2012-09-11 at 10:13 -0700, Richard Zimmerman wrote:
>         You need to have your IPLL defined like so:
>         IPLL, OD.B8.DD:01, test_one, All_Lights|Blah, PLM
>         The :01 is the switch side of the equation so now you can link
>         in both
>         directions.
> Thanks George.  I tried that and it didn't seem to work.  My mht file
> is now:
> Format = A
> IPLL, 0D.B8.DD:01, test_one, All_lights|Blah, PLM, # 2476S
> IPLL, 16.1F.98:01, test_two, All_lights|Blah, PLM, # 2476D
> SCENE_MEMBER, test_one, test_two, 100%, 2s
> SCENE_MEMBER, test_two, test_one, 100%, 2s
> As before, the crosslinking works, but when I touch the paddle on
> test_one to turn it on, mh only thinks test_one is on and doesn't know
> that test_two also went on.

Right and do you have your devices linked to the PLM as well?
Switch as controller and PLM as responder?

I've not tried crosslinking devices yet, guess I'll have to try it.


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