OK,  I'm having some trouble just getting off the ground with Insteon.  Probably a stupid question, but I've been searching for info and I just can't seem to nail this one:

Is there a way to delete all the device links that are not defined in the mht file?  For instance, I've got a few controllers that have some orphaned links that I no longer want.  For instance, I've got 2 switchlincs linked together in a 3-way configuration, but that's no longer specified in my mht file.  I try to "Sync All Links" under the Insteon menu, but that doesn't seem to delete these old crosslinks.  Do I have to go to each switchlinc and do a factory reset?

2nd question:
When using the web interface things don't seem to update properly when I press on them.  For instance, I'll turn on one of my Switchlincs, but the web button will still say "Off" until I press it a second time, at which point the "On" icon will appear and I'll be able to turn it off.

Thanks so much!