I’ve mostly switched to a commercial (read supportable for someone without Mrhouse as a hobby) system. The system is an integrated alarm and control system from HAI – and OmniPro 2 and I did an upgrade to an Omnistat2 RC2000 Thermostat to run my 17 year old high efficiency furnace, air conditioner, and humidifier. This year I’ve decided to replace the furnace and I’m getting a multistage variable furnace – and the OmniPro 2 has all the control wires needed (12 wire – two cooling, two heating, humidifier and dehumidifier control) on the automation side it uses a serial interface to the HAI system but it would also be possible to connect to other systems. FULL control of the thermostat (202 registers) is possible and they have made the protocol available to those registered on their website as developers. The thermostat also supports remote sensors and outdoor sensors which are then accessible through the registers.


Apart from the techie factors the thermostat has won awards for the human factors and usability. It was pricey but I’m happy I bought it.




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I am in the process of installing a new heating system (forced air). I would like to be able to control my heating system from MH as well as get status. I am looking for opinions of what other users are happy with.