Canadian company has a whole home audio system.

I have nothing to do with this company, recently saw one of these systems demonstrated while looking for a big screen.  Pretty slick.

I don't think it is network controlled yet but any source can be sent to any speaker pair/zone.


Jack Edin wrote:

AFAIK the switch we desire does not yet exist.

However I have already designed something, and hope to offer it as a product for sale someday.

Control will be available both using xAP, or on a web page using Flash to create sliders, etc.

Power will be 12volts DC.

Does this sound like anything you guys could embrace?



Brock Palen wrote:
Is there such a thing as a audio switch?  This would be used for MH  
to direct sound to be played though specific sets of speakers.   
Obviously such a system would need to be able to be controlled by  
ether serial or network.

If such a product exists what are MH users using to direct sound?

Brock Palen
MLDS Owner Senior Tech.

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