Hi Michael,
Welcome aboard.
This is some of the code that I use.
$Car_Vo_Neil is declared in the MH items and is actually a form of X10 RF transmitter that plugs into the cigarrette lighter/Aux plug.
I'm not a pro at MH but it best to create your X10 items using the Item interface not directly in your code as you have done.

X10A, N1, Car_Vo_Neil, Vehicle|Neil|hidden,      RF  

Note - This is done in the items.mht file.
This file may be edited directley or using the MH web interface.

# =================================================================
sub main::Vehicle_Annoucer_Routine {
          my ($a, $b) = @_;
#      MySpeak($a) ;
      speak '$a $b';
      print_log $a,$b;
    set $Driveway ON;
      set $Verandah_Light ON;
    set $Front_Door_Light ON;
     set $timer_Driveway 5*60, sub {set $Driveway OFF;
                                   set $Front_Door_Light OFF;
                                  set $Verandah_Light OFF;
                                  print_log 'Turning Driveway OFF'}, 1;

# =================================================================
# Vehicle_Annoucer Code
  if(state_now $Car_Vo_Neil eq 'on')  {
      Vehicle_Annoucer_Routine('Neils Car',' Leaving') ;
  if(state_now $Car_Vo_Neil eq 'off')  {
      Vehicle_Annoucer_Routine('Neils Car',' Arriving') ;

> From: mburr@blarg.net
> To: misterhouse-users@lists.sourceforge.net
> Date: Fri, 28 Mar 2008 21:01:43 -0700
> Subject: [mh] Hello
> Hi everyone,
> I'm new to this group having just brought up MH on a Linux server
> running Ubuntu 6.06. I'm located in NW Washington State right on the
> coast and about 25 miles south of the Canadian border. I wrote software
> professionally for 20+ years including lots of perl and C/C++ code for a
> big company that makes airplanes around here :-) I've also been an
> electronics 'tinkerer' for many years playing with Basic Stamps, etc.
> At any rate, I'm excited to finally have my own MH installation and have
> begun to play with it. I'm finding to documentation on the object model
> to be a little lacking and so I hope everyone will humor me as I come up
> to speed on some of this stuff.
> Right now I'm trying to simply understand the proper way to catch an X10
> signal. I'm using the following example code copied from one source:
> -----------------------------------------------------------------------
> #--- Respond if the A4 button is pushed ON
> $test_button = new Serial_Item('XA4');
> if (state_now $test_button eq ON) {
> my $remark = 'You just pushed the A4 button';
> print_log '$remark';
> #speak $remark;
> }
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
> X10 debug in my print log shows that the signal is coming across:
> 03/28/08 08:41:26 PM X10: Incoming data=XA4
> 03/28/08 08:27:14 PM X10: Incoming data=XA4
> But the code above doesn't execute... can someone give me some pointers
> as to why? Do I need to declare the object as an X10 object instead of
> a serial object?
> Thanks - I look forward to more involvement with you all.
> Michael Burr
> -------------------------------------------------------------------------
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