I picked up the Craig last week and am pretty impressed with it.. I also installed the alternate rooted firmware.

For the price it could be a nice replacement for my Audrey in the kitchen.
I would miss the ability to push sound for announcing caller-id since I haven't heard of anyone able to push sound to it.  (I'll probably ask about the possibility in another thread if I decide to keep it)

The UI is much faster (than the Audrey) and the ability to load the Google apps to retrieve calendar items and email gives it extra points.  I could also hook up some small speakers for Pandora and Slacker for streaming some tunes in the kitchen.

There is an official Craig Android 2.2 firmware release a couple of days ago, but it hasnt been rooted yet.

On Tue, Apr 5, 2011 at 3:28 PM, Mike Oliver <mwoliver@gmail.com> wrote:
On Tue, Apr 5, 2011 at 12:27, Eloy Paris <peloy@chapus.net> wrote:
> The weak point of the NOOKcolor is its software -- while this may change
> a bit with a new release that apparently B&N is putting out soon, what
> you get today is just an eBook reader that happens to have a web browser
> and a handful of extra applications. You can read books in EPUB format,
> read PDF files, play music, browse the web, and play chess, but that's
> it -- the thing does not even come with a calculator, and there is no
> way to install more applications unless you install an alternate ROM
> (root the device). Reading books and PDF files is something the software
> excels at for sure. Since I may return this device I decided to not load
> an alternate ROM that would allow me to install applications. It runs
> Android 2.1.

If you can afford to keep the NC and have the desire to root it and
load either CM7 or HC firmware on it, you will be floored by the
capabilities of this tablet.  For the money, I don't think it can be
beaten.  The design of the NC, and of the box it comes in (which can
be used as a stand if desired), are very refined.

Since I bought mine, I rooted then went the HC route for a little
while.  The official app store was kind of hit/miss and I had to
constantly force stop, clear cache, and restart the Market app to
update apps I had already installed.  The HC interface is very nice in
landscape mode, but the Market bothers pushed me to try CM7.

With CM7 loaded, this tablet is now in the hands of my wife and she
has no complaints.  A die-hard iPhone user, she never would step out
on the iPad limb due to the cost, so finding this highly capable
tablet that also runs a very capable gingerbread firmware was a great
way for me to get her into tablets (and hopefully off of the Apple
kool-aid (we'll see...)).  She has picked it up with ease and really
likes it.  With the CM7 firmware, the Market is fully operational and
it's a breeze to use.  Reminds me of my old Nexus One, but with much
nicer display.

Speaking of which, the NC screen is beautiful.  Designed to be a
reader, it has very vivid colors and is crisp and easy to read from.

Again, if you can afford to keep it and are capable of rooting and
loading CM7 on it, you are in for a treat.  The only thing that would
make it better for me would be built-in GPS, but I have worked around
that by using the TetherGPS apps on my phone (server) and NC (client).
 With that running, you have a 7" navigating GPS that smokes any
Garmin, Tom Tom, etc. (IMHO).

Best regards,

Mike Oliver, KT2T
kt2t@arrl.net -or- mwoliver@gmail.com
Twitter: @mwoliver

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