Hello everyone
First of all thank you everyone for all of your hard work on the insteon stuff, it is frickin awesome.
I am coding a kpl button in my kitchen that turns off areas of the house (basement, whole house, etc..). Currently I push the button and it lights up, runs through each scene and shuts them down. Then when it is done shutting down all scenes it turns itself off. Seems to work reasonably well.
my @all_basement_lights_scene_list = ($basement_kids_scene, $basement_tv_scene, $basement_hall_scene, $basement_changeroom_scene, $basement_bar_lt, $sauna_scene, $basement_bulkhead_scene, $all_basement_lights_scene);
if ($kitchen_kpl_f->state_now) {
   if ($kitchen_kpl_f->state eq ON) {
   } elsif ($kitchen_kpl_f->state eq OFF) {
sub turn_off_sub {
 my @insteon_scenes_list = @_;
  for my $isl (@insteon_scenes_list) {

I now would like to have the button light up when any of the scenes/switches in a list get turned on and then at a glance I know there is something to be turned off in that area. Then by turning the switch off it will run through a shut down of all scenes. Of course it would be nice that if a light (in the basement) gets turned on, the kpl button light goes on and if that same basement light gets turned off the kpl light also gets turned off.
So my question is, what is a good way to check if any device is on from a list of devices and then also check if all devices are off again?
Would be nice if MH did this internally using the mht groups (All_Lights|Upstairs|Livingroom).
Thanks for any hints
And by the way, I own a computer shop in Canada and just recently became a reseller of Insteon products. I am working on a price list,  and I am hoping to be able to give good pricing to MH users, just need to confirm what I can sell them for. Insteon likes to control their pricing.