It's still not totally clear but I did get a response to my inquiry today regarding being able to use these locally.

It appears that their primary solution to this will be to make JSON api calls against their servers. The updated FAQ also says they plan to a release "A special server-side software supporting limited numbers of tag manager will be released in binary form" which, from the MSSQL database requirement, seems to indicate a Microsoft Windows-only server component.

I'm going to ask about SSL/encryption…


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Hi Brent,

Sorry about the late reply. We have updated the FAQ section on SDK and
local server:

Thanks for your interest, support

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 Name: Brent DeShazer
 Phone: 785-320-3733
 Body: Great looking product! Is it possible to use the tag manager and tags without having to go through your cloud service? Any api available for talking to the tag manager?

I would like to use this with my home automation server without having to rely on the Internet or a mobile-phone app...



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