Now that I am getting my MH box online and working somewhat well, and making progress, I'm looking at expanding my system.
While I realize it's the coke or pepsi debate, I'm looking at getting weather monitoring hardware added.
I would like to monitor tempurature and humidity in all of the rooms of my house. What is the best (best=nice mix between affordable and reliable) hardware for that? Should I go with a bunch of iButtons? Do other people on the list monitor temps in each room, or just a few key rooms? What other cool things should / could I add to my system? I would like to use something that is popular with other list members so that I don't get some unknown piece of hardware and have a hard time getting it working.
As for external weather monitoring, I am thinking of something that will do sunlight, temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, rainfall (snowfall?), pressure.
Is there something popular that will fit this bill?