On Sat, Nov 27, 2010 at 3:40 AM, Dustin Robinson <dustin@dustins.org> wrote:

First off I have three rooms in my basement which are all accessed
from a main area.  I would like to have all the lights turn off when I
turn off the main basement light but I do not want them all to turn on
when I turn on the main basement light.  Is there a way to set a one
way relationship like this?

This type of thing is fairly easy to do with MH.  You can't do it by linking the insteon devices together because then you will get them to all turn on when you turn on the basement light which isn't what you want.

in MH all you have to do is create a group with all of your basement lights and other items (like the outletlinc) then when the basement light is turned off you turn off the entire group :

For example:
if (state_now $basement_main eq OFF &&  # Did the basement light just turn off
   ref $basement_main->get_set_by && $basement_main->get_set_by eq $basement_main) {   # This is just magic to see if the light switch was turned off by the physical switch itself or by some other means web,mh,etc
   set $All_Basement OFF;  # Turn off all the basement lights, etc.

Also I have an outlet link that I would like to setup so that my wife
doesn't have to worry about leaving the iron on.  It has a control
button on its face and I would like the outlet to activate for say 30
minutes when it is pressed and then turn back off.  I would also like
it to turn off when ever the basement light is turned off.

Never messed with an outletlinc so not sure on what the button does and if it is recognized by MH
The documentation is quite good for MH and I am sure that I was just
not able to find the answers to these questions.  I thank you all in
advance for your patience.

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