I have a couple linux boxes running Fedora 12 in my house that the family uses.  We each have our own accounts on the machines as well.  I would like misterhouse to be able to speak through the machines but I'm not able to find a way to get it to work because of permission problems in pulseaudio. 

To start I just playing with my main misterhouse machine which the family all uses.  When I start the misterhouse daemon under my userid everything works fine but when someone else logs into the machine and they have the active X session none of the messages are heard.  And in fact appear to be paused waiting for me to login and then I will here a queue of old messages.

I have played with many different ways to resolve this like RTP for multicast broadcast which would be really cool I think but is useless because it becomes very choppy even on the local machine and over my 1G network.  I've tried the pulse audio network stuff where you can play sounds on remote machines but that doesn't work because it uses only 1 port to receive and the first pulseaudio session started on the box (first person to login) controls that port and then you run into the same permission issues if that person doesn't have the active X session.

I even briefly tried a system wide instance of pulseaudio but gnome still appeared to start a user pulseaudio daemon when I logged in so that didn't work.

Is anyone out there doing anything like what I am.  Basically just trying to get sound to work consistently on a multi user box. 

I believe running mh as root may work but I would rather not go there if I don't have to.