On Mon, Oct 25, 2010 at 10:26 AM, Marc MERLIN <marc_mh@merlins.org> wrote:
On Mon, Oct 25, 2010 at 10:18:50AM -0500, Chris Engel wrote:
> Has anyone else seen this issue.  I have a few DS10 door sensors and I use a
> w800 to receive the alerts.  But almost once a day I hit an issue where MH
> thinks the door is open when it is actually closed.

No, I do not get that with mine.

My only idea is that your magnet sensor is failing and sometimes closes when
it should stay opened.
Have you tried replacing the magnet portion of it?
(or the whole sensor?)

No I haven't tried that, was thinking about doing a bunch of open/close tests with it and see if I can figure out a pattern as well as try to recreate on some of the other doors I had wired up.  This door is an exterior door with a spring close hinge.  I don't know exactly how the sensor works but is it possible the closing of the door is jarring the sensor to cause it to send out false messages?

Also here is the latest message sent from the sensor for it's periodic state update, so it does think the door is closed :
25/10/2010 09:45:58  W800: raw data: b5ba847b
25/10/2010 09:45:58  W800: reordered data: 21 de ad 5d
25/10/2010 09:45:58  w800: this is x10 security data
25/10/2010 09:45:58  W800: security: device_id = 0xad, cmd = 0x21
25/10/2010 09:45:58  W800: security: class_id = sensor, item_id = ad, state = NormalMin
25/10/2010 09:45:58  ad: mudroom_door set NormalMin
25/10/2010 09:45:58  Door_Item($l_mudroom_door)::set(normalmin, RF_Item=HASH(0x3bd37f8)): $mudroom_door was set by rf