First an Intro....

I'm Buzz, live in the Southeastern US and have been an HA enthusiast for many,many years (using the "Brown" X10 modules in the early '80s).  Some on this list may have seen me hanging out on the jds-users list.

For the most part I've used standalone controllers to handle most of the autonomic  HA household functions and have been using the JDS products (HomeBase w/IOExpander, then the Stargate) since the 1990s.
I've always been a Unix/Linux developer/geek (started with AT&T Sys III v7 Unix) and wrote my own unix utilities to interface with the JDS products to pull the logs, execute commands, etc. but, the only thing I never managed to do outside the Windows environment was edit/download the schedules. So we retain a Windows VM for that.

Several times over the years, I've downloaded MisterHouse, but never had (made?) the time to get to know it and integrate it into my environment. I think I'm ready.... 

I see that there's a JDS Stargate  perl module, but in looking thru it, it still uses the serial tty interface to the Stargate. I have the WebX (TCP/IP Network daughterboard) interface on my Stargate and have written utilities using the WebX CGI interface to do pretty much anything that the Stargate protocol spec calls out (variables, flags, commands, etc.).

My question to the list is this: Has anyone modified the to utilize the CGI network interface or does everyone with a Stargate still use the TTY?

If there's been no activity on this front, perhaps, I'll carve out some time to see if  I can replace the TTY guts of the perl module with a more network oriented one using the CGI commands.