20X4 character, HD44780, ebay, $20.00 plus shipping.

On 5/30/06, Kurt André Selbach <kurtandre@gmail.com> wrote:
What lcd display are you using, and where did you fetch it?

On 5/31/06, Kurt André Selbach < kurtandre@gmail.com> wrote:
> Well i don't have an lcd display, nor ever used lcdproc (yet)
> But if lcdproc can get information thrown at it via pipe and put it on
> the lcd you might want to try something like this:
> tail -f /path/to/misterhouse/data/logs/print.log | /path/to/lcdproc
> if this idea would work. these tail var's might be of interest:
>   -s, --sleep-interval=S   with -f, sleep for approximately S seconds
>   -n, --lines=N            output the last N lines, instead of the last 10
> -Kurt
> On 5/31/06, Joey French < joeyfrench@gmail.com> wrote:
> > Yep, I saw that a few days ago. I need the little lcd to mount in a custom
> > cabinet, so i don't have to open it up every time I wanna see what MH is
> > doing. Maybe I should get a fire display, and see how my girlfriend
> > reacts.... It'd be right in the living room, hehe.
> >

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