So, how reliable has X10 been for you guys? I have only run X10 a little, but am gonna step it up a bit in the near future. I will be ordering an arsenal of modules here soon. I have had good luck with the lone module I used long term in the past, but I hear talk of issues from you guys. Is X10 unreliable? What are the more reliable of the X10 products? Does it follow the general rule that the more expensive of them are the most reliable? What are some things to look out for when setting up an X10 system?

Just as a point of reference, I am using a few modules in very close vicinity to each other, same circuit: CM17 Firecracker, TM751 Transceiver Module, LM14A Lamp Module, lots of AM466 appliance modules. What problems do you guys foresee, or can you help me avoid when shopping for X10 products?