Hi Craig,

I've got something similar working,  it's not for all on/off,  but instead does off or 20%.  

Here are my MHT entries.  I use SCENE_BUILD because that creates the required cross-links.    There are 3 lights,  plus a KPL Button - Button H   - back_hall_bH.    The "0, 1," one each entry defines whether the relationship is controller, responder, or both.    The 3 lights are responders only.   I don't want manual operation of either of the 3 lights to change the scene state.    However the button is both a controller and a responder.   It tracks the scene state.

The CODE entry is to tie the scene back to the button so that the light on the button follows the state of the scene.

# Scene for night mode
#              name,                 device,          cont, resp, on_lev, ramp_rate
INSTEON_ICONTROLLER, A5, night_mode, All_Lights|Outside
SCENE_BUILD,  night_mode,           l_back_porch,       0,    1,     20%,    0s
SCENE_BUILD,  night_mode,           l_kitchen_window,   0,    1,     20%,    0s
SCENE_BUILD,  night_mode,           l_front_porch,      0,    1,     20%,    0s
SCENE_BUILD,  night_mode,           l_back_hall_bH,     1,    1
CODE, $l_back_hall_bH->tie_event(  '&update_PLM_scene_state($l_back_hall_bH,  $night_mode)');

Operationally,   Setting $night_mode   ON   sets the 3 lights at 20%, and lights the button.   Setting it OFF,  reverses it.    And if the KPL button is pressed,  it also enables or disables night_mode, controlling the 3 lights.   Finally a double-click of buttonH   "on_fast"   results in the 3 lights going to 100% brightness, overriding the scene level.

I hope that this helps.


On 03/09/2014 06:53 PM, Craig wrote:
I have what must be a really simple scene question. I have a scene defined for all of the lights in my house. It is done like this:

INSTEON_ICONTROLLER, 15, Inside_Lights_scene, All_Scenes
SCENE_MEMBER, mbr_bath_light,  Inside_Lights_scene
SCENE_MEMBER, bedroom_hall_light, Inside_Lights_scene
SCENE_MEMBER, mbr_light,   Inside_Lights_scene

For months now I have been  turning off all the lights by running

set $Inside_Lights_scene OFF;

I recently set up a keypad button that I wanted to use to turn on all the lights. However
set $Inside_Lights_scene ON doesn't turn on any lights. Can a scene be used to both turn on and off lights. Many scenes seem to be configured with something like 100%, 0.1s. I understand that this would turn the light full on with a .1 second ramp. So what is the deal with turning off or on via scenes. Do I need both an on and an off scene?


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