Oops...  Hi Kevin,

I saw those tools in the insteon device menus and played with them a bit, but I guess I didn't really understand them well enough.

Probably it's more presentation than function, but the HL diags page gave me a better overall picture of the communications issues.   (And at the time the IP code was new to MH, so using an independent tool helped to confirm that MH was not running into IP code issues.)

Anyway, now after being referred to the pod documents multiple times, I've finally found them.   (running grep -Ri and vim to try to find useful information in the lib directory was a bit random.)

Misterhouse Home Button
 -> Local Documents Button
   -> Left menu bar,  at bottom,  Developer:  Modules

Hope that helps any lurkers.  I was certainly lost.


On 02/06/2014 01:28 PM, Kevin Robert Keegan wrote:
On Thu, Feb 6, 2014 at 8:56 AM, George Clark <geomh@fenachrone.com> wrote:
If you suspect that you have communication errors, the free HouseLinc
has a communications diagnostics tool that can help resolve the issues.

I have tried to duplicate the HouseLinc diagnostic tools in MH.  Check out the POD documentation for the voice commands run stress test, run ping test, print message stats, and reset message stats.