Thanks, jared, for the quick tutorial.

I was on stable, got sort of wound around the axel so deleted my Misterhouse folder and ran git again to download stable, following a bit more carefully the step by step HERE. I then did a git checkout master and git branch -va now says I am on master.
I did the "git fetch upstream" and "git merge upstream/master" which returned the response "Already up-to-date.".

git push returned a bunch of errors, I think I see why - I bet you have a github account and are developing?

I am going to experiment a bit with what I now believe may be up to date master to see if I see differences, then I'll be back.

I am running on an embedded platform with a customized kernel.(Asus router RT-N16 running DD-WRT and Optware)
I'll tackle GD (gd) later. It could be that my Perl-GD package will work once I am running master.

Thanks for all the hints and direction

On 08/27/2013 02:57 PM, jared wrote:
cmcgrath5035 wrote
Q2: I believe I am running Master for Release 3.0. I have been on SVN 
for a long time, still getting to understand git.
Either it is not really ready for prime time, or I "git-ed" the wrong
The contents of ../Misterhouse/VERSION is 3.0
You confirm for me that it should be working, thanks. What version are 
you running?
Q2:  I am running Version 3.0, but with newer pull requests that have not
been compiled into a new version yet.  I understand about git, it can take a
while to learn and get used to.  When was the last time that you synced to
master?  First do this to make sure that /locally/ you are on the master

*cd /usr/local/bin/misterhouse/mh
git branch -va*

Sample Output:
/* master                                   e87291d Merge pull request #246
from krkeegan/insteon_diags_fix
  remotes/origin/master                    e87291d Merge pull request #246
from krkeegan/insteon_diags_fix
  remotes/origin/stable                    cc7c439 Modified the contents of
the VERSION file in preparation of /

As shown above, you should see an asterisk next to your current local branch
and you should also see the remote linked branches.  If you are not locally
on the master branch, do *git checkout master*.  If you don't see the
remotes, you will need to add the upstream (*git remote add upstream*, more info  here

Once you have confirmed all of the above, synchronize with the master
branch.  First, stop MisterHouse, then do the following:
*cd /usr/local/bin/misterhouse/mh
sudo git fetch upstream
sudo git merge upstream/master
sudo git push

This will download the latest changes to the master branch, merge them with
your local "master" branch, then push the changes to "your" master branch up
to your git account.  *IMPORTANT NOTE:* If you haven't moved your private
files out of the MisterHouse working directories, any changes that you have
made will probably be overwritten!  Also, you may need to change some of the
above commands to suit your environment, for example, if you installed MH in
a different location than I did.

You can now restart MisterHouse and it will be running with the latest

cmcgrath5035 wrote
GD: I used to run SVN version with GD=1 and Perl-GD installed; it seemed 
to work OK
My understanding was that enabling GD made for better looking graphics 
on the Web interface.
I'll do some additional digging, I am up and running with GD=0 but get 
error (and mh crash) with GD=1 at the moment.
GD is what is used to generate those on-the-fly image buttons for custom
devices.  All of the static images in the web interface remain the same.  To
see if GD is working, go to the "Lights/Appliances" page and see if there
are any links that are text-only (you may need to add in some custom group
or device names to see this work).  If there are text-only links and not all
images for buttons, GD is not working.  In the MH parameters, I believe the
GD option is actually set in lowercase as "gd" under the "Tk" subcategory if
you use the web interface to adjust parameters.  If it is not working and
giving you an error, either GD is not installed or it is the incorrect
version for MisterHouse compatibility.

What version of Linux did you say you were running?  Was it on an embedded
platform?  In Ubuntu, I have never had any issues after installing it as
shown in the  Ubuntu Install Instructions
<>  .

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