Sometimes things just work too well, my MH system has just kept on ticking for almost three years now, with just an annual reboot, and that for no particular reason.
I just had my first Insteon device failure in three years, and from sampling the amazing level of activity here on the mailing list know that new Insteon devices are likely to be incompatible with my current system. I used my last spare, so time to get ready. I also want to dabble with some of the new features.

Where is now the best place to reengage?
Read the 1300 emails I am behind, or some updated Wiki pages?
Suggestions welcome!
And thanks for all the great work and mailing list dialog.

FYI, I live in South Florida and summertime used to kill two or three Insteon devices a year.
We get a lot of lightning and surge activity. I tried add-on surge protectors(to my main panel) and the recent surge protectors that replace 220V breakers IN the panel with only limited success. Finally, I had our Power company install a surge protector that sits right behind the meter in the outdoor socket, HERE is a URL. It has worked amazingly well. If you have such issues, you might pursue with your power provider.