Gary Thompson,

It looks like no one else has answered your Stargate questions... So hopefully this will be helpful.

When MisterHouse starts, are you getting a message like this:

        Creating socket and serial objects
         - creating http            on tcp   8080 buffered
         - creating server_mhsend   on tcp   8084 buffered
         - creating server_router   on tcp    162
         - creating server_telnet   on tcp   1234 raw
         - creating Stargate        object on port COM2

If you are not getting the above Stargate line, you may not have the port set correctly.  In your "mh.private.ini" file (or "mh.ini" file, but that's not suggested)  add the following (with the COM port that's connected to Stargate):


The default baud rate is OK, so you don't need that entry if you don't want to use it.

You may also want to add (at least while you are testing the Stargate-MH connections) in "mh.private.ini":

If you have more than one entry on the debug line, separate them with semicolons (";").

This should allow MH and Stargate to communicate with eachother.

To test Stargate, none of the *.pl files need to be active.  You will, however, need to define at least one X10 device that you want to control (to test).  (Once you have Stargate and MH talking, save the files somewhere, then activate the desired *.pl files.)

X10 Devices are defined in the "items.mht" file.  The location of "items.mht" file is specified by another "mh.private.ini" setting:

Here are some sample entries for "items.mht" that might help get you started

# This is a one-way X10 light switch in a hall
X10I, I4, X10_Hall_Bedroom_Lights, All_Lights|Upstairs|Hall, stargate

Start with two X10 devices (or one, if it's a two-way device) -- something that you can send a "ON" (like a light) from MH (to make sure you have MH-to-X10-via-Stargate control), and a second device (like a controller or like the MS13 sensor below) that sends an X10 signal to MH (to make sure you have X10-to-MH-via-Stargate control).

# This is a X10 wireless motion sensor in the same location as the above X-10 light-switch
X10MS, M9, x10_motion_BEDROOM_HALL, Sensors, MS13
MOTION, x10_motion_BEDROOM_HALL, motion_BEDROOM_HALL, Security
PHOTOCELL, x10_motion_BEDROOM_HALL, photocell_BEDROOM_HALL, Security

# This is a two-way SwitchLink X10 light switch in a room.
X10SL, I9, X10_Office, All_Lights|Upstairs|Office, stargate, preset

You should be able to see the X10 devices, control them and see their status from both the TK window that appears when MH is started as well as from web interface ( -- open this website from the machine running MH) . 

Once you have the X10 portion working, then add the stargate stuff to the "items.mht" file.  Here are a few of them:

# This is a Stargate Relay Output.  In this case, it's connected to the Garage Door
STARGATERELAY, 1, Overhead_Garage_Door_Button, OverheadGrarageDoor, stargate

# This is a Stargate Digital Input.  In this case it's connected to the Door Bell Button
STARGATEDIN, 1, Doorbell_Front_Button, Doorbell|FrontDoor, stargate           

# This is the "CO" (Central Office, or wire-that-goes-to-the-telephone-company) telephone connection
STARGATEPHONE, co, PHONE_CO, Phone, stargate

This should be enough to get you started with Stargate and MH

--Ross Towbin

At 07:48 PM 1/28/04 Wednesday, you wrote:
Hello all,
        I just installed misterhouse last week and have spent many hours trying to make it work and reading all the lists for info. Unless I can get the basic things going I'm ready to give up. I am using a Stargate interface on com2. I have cabled com2 of my pc to com2 of the Stargate with Windows XP. I am comforable in programing the SG but would like the added features of misterhoue such as two way voice and the web page features. Here are my questions. Any help would be appeciated.
1) I have updated the mh.ini file with my stats ( zip codes, long lat, etc. ) I have used the from a dos prompt and it works. If for example I wanted this to run all the time how would I do this? Would it need to reside in the bin directory? Are all the pl files in the lib directory not being used?
2) Speech recognition- I don't have the green V icon ( I'm not sure it is valid for XP ) but do get the microphone icon. When I choose dictate the small window with the moving dashes shows up on my desktop. I would assume this means misterhouse is hearing me but I get no indication.
3) X-10 How can I tell if misterhouse is seeing my SG? I have tried with no response.
If I could get these basic things working I would be enthused to keep going. Again, thanks in advance for any help.
                                                                                    Gary Thompson