I also was wondering if anyone had a copy of iBM's ViaVoice SDK.  I noticed that is the only one that is mentioned for MisterHouse on the website for linux.  But when I did some looking into it, it looks like IBM stopped the SDK in 2002 and doesn't allow you to download it.  I have found CMU sphinx, but I am not sure if it would be compatible with Misterhouse.  But I have noticed in the mh.ini there are settings for a PocketSphinx.  Is PocketSphinx the new alternative for linux setups?  Let me know if anyone has setup a voice recognition system on linux within the past couple of years and what things I should look for.

I also have setup festival so that Misterhouse can say phrases but I can only get the default male voice to work.  Does anyone have any tips on getting it to talk in different tones?  I have found these voice files and I was wondering how I can get this in the configuration so I can pick them from MisterHouse.