I am starting to get my insteon network setup.  I have the PLM, two RF phase couplers, a dimmer switch and a plugin app switch.  I have setup my floor plan as follows:

GROUP, BackPorch,    Property(1;0;15;10)
GROUP, Kitchen,      Property(1;10;9;14)
GROUP, Dinning,      Property(10;10;6;14)
GROUP, MasterBed,    Property(16;0;9;12)
GROUP, MasterBath,   Property(16;12;7;5) 
GROUP, Bathroom,     Property(16;17;7;7) 
GROUP, BabyRoom,     Property(25;0;13;13)
GROUP, CraftRoom,    Property(25;13;13;12)
GROUP, BensRoom,     Property(25;25;13;12)
GROUP, Laundry,      Property(18;28;7;9)
GROUP, Garage,       Property(18;37;20;28)
GROUP, LivingRoom,   Property(1;24;17;21)
GROUP, FrontPorch,   Property(1;45;17;8)

#GROUP, Pantry,       Kitchen(19;28;4;6)

# My Insteon PLM Interface

# A switchLinc module for my PLM to control
IPLD,  0F.82.13, AppSwitch, All_Lights|LivingRoom, myPLM
IPLD,  0E.D4.D4, BensLight, All_Lights|BensRoom, myPLM

I have heard you can position the insteon items inside rooms by adding the corrdinations like this:

IPLD,  0F.82.13, AppSwitch, All_Lights|LivingRoom(4;7), myPLM

But when I do this I get an error when starting MH. 
I also if you notice I have a group called pantry and I tried putting it in the kitchen.  Do I use x,y coordinates relative to the kitchen placement or the same as others?

I also have heard you can customize background images for each table cell in the floor plan so you can have a more realistic view.  I have viewed the code in floorplan.pl and I can't see any code inserting the background images.  But I have heard it mention  in the mailing lists.  Does anyone have any information on how to set this up or will I need to rewrite the floorplan.pl to accomidate this?