I swear, I are a smart person... Really!!! :)

But, I can't seem to grok this.

I have (to make things simple, since I have multiple items), let's say....
    a KeypadLinc Dimmer (called Lower_Hallway_{1-8}) ,
    a SwitchLinc Dualband Dimmer (called Lower_Hallway_Switch), and
    an OutletLinc (called Master_Bedroom_Light)

I'm just trying to set a button on the KeypadLinc to do an All_On and another button to do an All_Off for all lights configured in MisterHouse, so this is my items.mht for the above configuration...

Format = A
IPLL,   56.78.90,       Lower_Hallway_Light,    All_Lights|Downstairs|Hallway,      PLM,    # Master
IPLL,   12.34.56,       Lower_Hallway_Switch,   All_Lights|Downstairs|Hallway,      PLM,    # Slave
IPLL,   AB.CD.EF,       Master_Bedroom_Light,   All_Lights|Upstairs|Bedroom,        PLM,    # Lamp

# Other buttons on the KeypadLinc to be programmed into Scenes
IPLL,   56.78.90:01,    Lower_Hallway_1,        buttons,                            PLM,    # Light
IPLL,   56.78.90:07,    Lower_Hallway_7,        buttons,                            PLM,    # All Off
IPLL,   56.78.90:08,    Lower_Hallway_8,        buttons,                            PLM,    # All On

# 3 way switch for lower hallway between the master KeypadLinc and the slave SwitchLinc
SCENE_MEMBER,   Lower_Hallway_1,        Lower_Hallway_Switch ,   on, 0.1s
SCENE_MEMBER,   Lower_Hallway_Switch,    Lower_Hallway_1 ,       on, 0.1s

# N way switch for All On/Off for both lights.
SCENE_MEMBER,   Lower_Hallway_7,        All_Lights ,            off, 0.1s
SCENE_MEMBER,   Lower_Hallway_8,        All_Lights ,            on, 0.1s
But, when I start MisterHouse I get this as output...
[sck@house bin]$ sudo ./mh

Command: mh
Pgm  path   : .
Pgm  version: mh 2.105 R2022  Last updated: Sat Mar 10 16:50:17 2012
Perl version: 5.008008
OS   version: linux linux 
Other       : user=root pid=26124 box=localhost cpu=-

Read parameter files: ./mh.ini ./mh.private.ini
Debugging for insteon turned on
Code Directories:
 - ./../code/private
 - ./../code/common
Loading other modules
Starting setup
 - using simple Text distance function
 - read 3 trigger entries
 - reading previous log files
 - archiving previous ./../data/logs/*.log files ....
 - creating http            on tcp    81 buffered
 - creating server android  on tcp   4444
 - creating xap_send        on udp  3639 send
 - creating xap_listen_core on udp 49152 listen
 - creating xpl_send        on udp  3865 send
 - creating xpl_listen      on udp     0 listen
 - initializing state tracker ...
31/03/2012 22:19:48  [Insteon_PLM] serial:/dev/ttyUSB0:19200
 - creating Insteon PLM port on /dev/ttyUSB0
 - process id 26124 written to ./../data/mh.pid
 - external command file (xcmd_file): ./../house_cmd.txt
 - HTML file     : ./../web/ia5/index.shtml

Done with setup

31/03/2012 22:19:48  Reading mh.private.ini and mh.ini
   html_alias alias /rrd dir does not exist, dir=./../data/rrd
Voice names: Microsoft Mary, Microsoft Mike, Microsoft Sam
Read 4 entries from ./../data/pronouncable_words.list
31/03/2012 22:19:48  Reading 1 .mht table files: items.mht
31/03/2012 22:19:48  Translating items.mht -> ./../code/private/items.mhp
31/03/2012 22:19:48  Initialized read_table_A.pl

There is no object called Lower_Hallway_1  defined.  Ignoring SCENE_MEMBER entry.

There is no object called Lower_Hallway_Switch  defined.  Ignoring SCENE_MEMBER entry.

There is no object called All_Lights  defined.  Ignoring SCENE_MEMBER entry.

There is no object called All_Lights  defined.  Ignoring SCENE_MEMBER entry.

There is no object called All_Lights  defined.  Ignoring SCENE_MEMBER entry.
Reading code_dirs: ./../code/private ./../code/common
31/03/2012 22:19:48  Reading 11 code files
31/03/2012 22:19:48  Evaluating user code
31/03/2012 22:19:48  [Insteon_PLM] setting default xmit delay to: 0.15
31/03/2012 22:19:48  [Insteon_PLM] setting x10 xmit delay to: 0.5

Good code saved
Restoring object states
Object states restored

So, what am i doing wrong? How do I define SCENE_MEMBERS? Can I create a group as a SCENE MEMBER target? If I want to have a single button turn off 10 Insteon devices, then I'll need to have 20 lines? What if I want to have each of the 6 keypadlincs have an all on and all off for all 20 Insteon devices? Is it really 6x20x2 lines of SCENE_MEMBERS or is there a short-hand?