I modified oxc to work with hubs.  I sent my version to Gregg, but never heard back.  I can send it to you off list if you like. 

On 10/16/2011 3:58 AM, Andy McCallum wrote:
My 1-wire network has started exhibiting intermittent errors (1 bad hour every month or so....) after 4+ happy years of operation. It is a poor electrical layout, so my first effort at fault isolation (or just fixing it) is to add a HobbyBoards 6 port Hub.

I am using OXC via OWFS to send my temperature (only) data to MH. Now, apparently OXC doesn't support Hubs.

I have found David Norwood's email commenting on Rick Bolen's efforts to integrate a 1-wire hub into MH.

SO, does OXC support hubs via OWFS?  I have seen that v0.5 does not, but I am hoping that Greg has had time to add it but not yet upload it to his website....... ;-)

OR is David N. happy to share his patch?

Oh. Any good suggestions on what deteriorates on aging 1-wire networks is appreciated. The current problem is that between 1 to 3 temperature sensors report an error by sending a temperature of 85.0 deg C. The sensors are on different legs of the network and nothing has been changed. A quick inspection of the "visible" cables shows no obvious damage from vermin, etc...


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