A few years ago, I created a subroutine called write_mh_opts that does what you want, i think.  It's in handy_utilities.pl and it is documented in mh.pod.  Unlike the iniedit script, it modifies just the requested ini entry and doesn't remove duplicate entries or comments.  I haven't used it much lately, so backup your ini file first and make sure it does what you expect.  

On 5/15/2011 6:37 PM, Ryan Davies wrote:

Hi All,

I was wondering, How would one go about setting a config parm from the code loop?


e.g. a web module that requires a key from another service to fetch or update data, when the web code runs, gives you your unique URL - (e.g. twitter and FB give you unique URL's to visit to auth the app), you go to that, authorize, get key, go back to MH, enter key which would get saved to mh_parms file



Ryan Davies

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