That was exactly it, must have been a remnant when I tried to get my first scene working. Thanks Kevin!

Maybe you have another suggestion, as I’ve been trying to troubleshoot that scene all evening. I have the following scene in my items.mht

INSTEON_ICONTROLLER, 15, garage_scene, All_Scenes
SCENE_MEMBER, garage_light, garage_light_inside, 100%, 0.1s
SCENE_MEMBER, garage_light, garage_scene, 100%, 0.1s
SCENE_MEMBER, garage_light, garage_light_bench, 100%, 0.1s
SCENE_MEMBER, garage_light_inside, garage_light, 100%, 0.1s
SCENE_MEMBER, garage_light_inside, garage_scene, 100%, 0.1s
SCENE_MEMBER, garage_light_inside, garage_light_bench, 100%, 0.1s
SCENE_MEMBER, garage_light_bench, garage_scene, 100%,  0.1s
SCENE_MEMBER, garage_light_bench, garage_light, 100%, 0.1s
SCENE_MEMBER, garage_light_bench, garage_light_inside, 100%, 0.1s

and in usercode, I use this to keep them in sync at the local switch:

$garage_light->tie_event('sync_multiway($garage_light,$garage_scene)'); # noloop
$garage_light_inside->tie_event('sync_multiway($garage_light_inside,$garage_scene)'); # noloop
$garage_light_bench->tie_event('sync_multiway($garage_light_bench,$garage_scene)'); # noloop

sub sync_multiway
    my ($ref_light, $ref_scene) = @_;
    # avoid unnecessary traffic, like a get_status where status hasn't changed.
    if ($ref_light->state_changed) {
        print_log "Insteon: sync_multiway called for state_changed on ".
            $ref_light->get_object_name." to ".$ref_light->state." for ".
            $ref_scene->get_object_name." set multiway in 0.6 sec";
        $ref_scene->set_with_timer('', 1, $ref_light->state);

garage_light is a micro on/off, garage_light_inside is a switchlinc relay, and garage_light_bench is a lamplinc. 

garage_light and garage_light_inside are linked together as both controllers and responders. garage_light_inside and garage_light_bench are linked together as both controllers and responders. garage_light, garage_light_inside, and garage_light_bench are linked to the PLM as controllers and responders.

(everything is linked together _except_ the garage_light and garage_light_bench as the micro light is way up high and I need a ladder…)

So, when I press the garage_light_inside switchlinc, everything works great, the garage_light and garage_light_bench come on. Super.

When I use the web interface I can turn garage_light_bench on and off. No problems.

However, when I try and turn on the scene, garage_scene, garage_light and garage_light_inside turn on, but garage_light_bench does not. Looking at the web interface, MH thinks it is turned on, however the actual light does not go on. I have no idea where I’ve gone wrong. I can get a ladder and manually link garage_light and garage_light_bench together, however I’d think that the scene would take care of that and wouldn’t be reliant on a local link.

Any ideas?

On Apr 7, 2014, at 5:55 PM, Kevin Robert Keegan <> wrote:


You likely have the SCENE Definition reversed.  That error would arise if you tried to set the PLM_Scene as a responder.  That arrangement is not yet supported.

SCENE_MEMBER responder, controller, on-level, ramp-rate


On Sun, Apr 6, 2014 at 10:59 AM, H Plato <> wrote:
I’ve updated to 3.1 and notice this at startup. The only thing I have ’15’ related is a scene in my items.mht is a SCENE with ID 15.

04/06/14 11:55:35 AM [Insteon::BaseController] WARN: unable to add 000000:15 as items of type Insteon::InterfaceController are not supported!
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