Hi William,

Hopefully this will be helpful:

Yes, MH is known to work with Stargate.  I have a very old Stargate "SG-1" that I currently use with MH.  There are others that use / used SG with MH too.

Getting SG to work with MH is almost as easy as 1,2,3,4
1) Connect the COM1 port of Stargate to one of the MH ports
2)  Set these two values as appropriate (in mh.ini / mi.private.ini):
        Stargate_serial_port=/dev/ttyUSB1      (or COM1 if MH is on a Windows Machine).
3)  Set values as appropriate in items.mht -- such as:
        STARGATERELAY, 1, OHGD_Button, Garage, stargate
        X10A, G1, GarageLight, Garage, stargate
4) Start up MH

One of the sites that the Event Manager program for windows that you mention (winevm) can be found is at JDS Technologies (the company that makes Stargate) -- http://www.jdstechnologies.com/downloadSG.html   I'm guessing, but you'll probably be interested in one of the two "Stargate SG-1 Full Install" downloads (2.42d or 3.08.7).

Using WinEVM on a Windows computer is a quick way to test your MICHAEL hardware to see if it works at all with the Stargate protocol.

I don't know how similar your hardware looks to an old Stargate, but you can get an idea what a stargate looks like by downloading the Stargate Manual -- http://www.jdstechnologies.com/manuals.html -- or by looking at this link that shows a close-up of the Stargate main board -- http://www.stargateunofficial.com/sg_closeup.asp

--Ross Towbin
MH user :-)

William H. Magill wrote:
I happen to be a retired Unix System Administration person, who functions in OSX, FreeBSD and Tru64 Unix, so the Windows World is a bit of a fog.

I have a "custom" ?proprietary? HA system called MICHAEL, which I believe is a modified (OEM'd) STARGATE system - circa 1999-2000.
(MICHAEL = Multimedia Interface Controlling Heating, Air Conditioning, Energy & Lighting)

The controller came from by MBA Technologies inc. of Cherry Hill, NJ. which appears to have ceased to exist sometime after 2005.
Michael J. Barford was the CEO/proprietor.

This controller system "talked" X10, RS485 and Dallas Semi's one-wire (yeah, that long ago.) 
It was basically a macro based event programming system.
It communicated with the PC over RS232 - classic 9600 baud 8/1 no-parity, three wire setup (RD/TD/SG).
Scripts were maintained by a program (apparently winevm) on the PC and downloaded to the controller.

I used to run the "control" program via Virtual PC on an old PowerPC mac.
That hardware system is now defunct, as is the Virtual PC program.

I have Codeweavers Crossover Mac which I successfully use for playing Lord of the Rings On Line (a windows only client.)

I also have the "original"  windows base interface program, which appears to be something called "winevm." - Event Manager Software

The documentation  I have describes this as: "Event Manager is the user interface that runs on your PC that lets you create schedules for use with MICHAEL.  With Event Manger, you can create and edit schedules that once downloaded into MICHAEL, allow total control of your facility or office."

This documentation also includes the following...

MICHAEL and MICHAEL-Deluxe  are trademarks of  IHS.
WinEVM and Event Manager are trademarks of IHS.
MegaController is a trademark of IHS.

These last two lines are also found in the Stargate documentation, which is a primary reason why I assume the two systems are related.
Other things are also quite similar. And because I have no idea who or what IHS is.

So the questions are...

1- Anybody familiar with MICHAEL?
2- is MisterHouse known to work with Stargate?
3- Any suggestions for how to start "hacking" at MisterHouse to get it to talk to MICHAEL?
    (I haven't done any serious programming in probably 10-15 years.)

I have MisterHouse 2.105 installed and "running" -- not doing anything useful at the moment.
(Serial interface is via USB -- Keyspan 28X  or 19HS)

William H. Magill
# Flat-panel iMac (2.1) [800MHz - Super Drive - 768 Meg] OS X 10.4.11 
# iMac6,1 Core 2 Duo [2.16GHz - 3 GB 667] OS X 10.6.3
# MacBook Pro4.1 Core 2 Duo [2.5GHz - 4GB 667] OS X 10.6.2
# Mac mini Core Duo [1.66 Ghz - 2 GB 667]OS X 10.6.3
# PWS433a [Alpha 21164 Rev 7.2 (EV56)- 64 Meg] Tru64 5.1a 
# XP1000 [Alpha 21264-3 (EV6) - 256 meg] FreeBSD 5.3
# XP1000 [Alpha 21264-A (EV6-7) - 256 meg] FreeBSD 5.3


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